Maximize Life’s Meaningful Moments

Cultivate peace of mind and generational wealth
through real estate syndicate investing

Depend on work less. Create more
meaningful moments.

We understand what it’s like to feel obligated to work more in order to spend time with family. The long hours, unsustainable pace, and physical and emotional strain cause you to consider if it’s worth it. The cycle of working more to gain more ends up leaving you stressed rather than satisfied.

You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for the lifestyle you enjoy. When we pour all of our time and energy into work, we miss out on the things that matter most.

It is possible to work less and enjoy the life you want. More sacrifice is not the only path to financial security. There is a better way.

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We founded PEACEquity, LLC with the philosophy of “family, peace of mind, and generational wealth.” The acronym of our company name represents the first initials of our family – Peggy, Elizabeth, Austin and Calvin. We value our relationships like family because they are built on respect and mutual trust. New investors may have apprehension about multifamily real estate investing.

At PEACEquity, we are committed to educating and helping you on your journey of building generational wealth, time, security, and financial freedom.

You cannot buy back your time.

Are you tired of missing out on meaningful moments with the people you love? You love what you do and it pays well, but what’s the point of paying for the life you want if you don’t have time to experience it? The long hours of work and stress seem to take more than they can give and leave you feeling obligated to provide rather than remain present. What if you could eliminate the pressure to provide without working more?

With PEACEquity, you can.

Enjoy peace of mind
through passive income

Money is not the most important thing in life, so why are you spending most of your life trying to earn it? Stop sacrificing time from the people you love and start cultivating the life you want.